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Can we change the way decision makers get their information?

Data isn’t being delivered to decision makers the way they want. Here’s what is separating them from useful evidence. Our key recommendations: Stop the ‘Ooh, shiny!’ Connect actions to outcomes. Visualize decisions, not data. (More highlights below)

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Highlights from our research.

Tracy Allison Altman, founder of Ugly Research, explains what’s missing from the data-to-decision process. View/download the research paper [pdf]

These 6 issues need to be resolved:

Data is easy: 3 issues for the tech community. 1) Data visualization provides too much ‘Ooh, shiny!’ without adding value. 2) There’s a false dichotomy between 'Data-driven' and 'Human intuition'. 3) Value is not self-evident: People need to see how to use data.

Deciding is hard: 3 issues for decision makers. 1) Visualize decisions, not data. 2) Build a decision culture, not a data culture. 3) More is needed to unleash data’s explanatory and predictive power.

View/download the research paper [pdf]

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